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Throughout my years as a scientist and educator I have fundamentally believed in community-based outreach to share my enthusiasm and passion for science. Communication is integral to the scientific process and by presenting to, interacting with, and teaching students with diverse backgrounds and education levels, we can enhance scientific literacy, self-efficacy, and our overall communication to the public.

Showing off some North American salamanders to a group of curious 3rd graders

My experiences include both attending and coordinating outreach events, ranging from speaking on panels to young, aspiring female scientists, to assisting in classrooms, to presenting and teaching on my own research. Volunteering my time with these students has allowed me to see many interests and curiosities sparked. My background extends beyond biology as well; I have taught and developed curriculum as an instructor at the Tampa-based science center, MOSI. Moving forward I strive to continue developing such programs, as well as inspire others to join in these lessons.

Graduate students we've had come in and present their research to elementary school students.

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