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Undergraduate Mentoring

Outside of the typical classroom setting I actively mentor undergraduate students, helping them discover and reach their academic and professional goals. My mentoring style is personalized to the students I am working with and I approach student needs through different avenues, including both individualized and larger group programming. Mentoring students is something I take very seriously and I look forward to having former students become future colleagues and collaborators.


I have worked with numerous undergraduates in a research setting, either having the students aid in one of my current projects or working to develop their own projects.


In past semesters I have worked with students to present their research at both regional and international conferences. These opportunities allow students to perfect their scientific communication skills, as well as interact with some of the top scientists in their field of interest. 

During the USF-HHMI STEM Academy I worked with groups of incoming Freshmen STEM majors before the start of the Fall 2015 and 2016 semesters, building leadership and communication skills while teaching students about research opportunities, internships, and how to succeed as an undergraduate in the STEM fields. Students were encouraged to further develop their passions and self efficacy.

Pictured above are the students from my 2016 STEM Academy group, below are students showing off their pride and teamwork skills during the 2015 STEM Academy scavenger hunt.

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